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    India Will Have to wait for 3G Services Till The End of 2010

    The 3G spectrum auction is likely to be delayed and will probably take place by the end of March this year, the schedule of which is to be anounced soon

    Last week, Telecom Minister A Raja had said that auction would be as per schedule (January 14, 2010) but it seems impossible as the Department of Telecom (DoT) is yet to finalise details of Notice Inviting Applications (NIA).

    The Government has estimated to generate over Rs. 25000 crore from the sale of 3G spectrum. The Government has fixed the reserved price of Rs.3500 crore for pan-Indian spectrum.

    So, people in India will have to wait till december this year or later to experience lightning internet speed on their mobile handsets and enjoy lots of other services that would be possible to access once 3G is fully Launched in India.

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