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    CounterStrike 2 announcement is on the cards ?

    CounterStrike one of the oldest and famous multi player game being favourites among gamers all around the world. The game has still not lost its popularity with almost every multi player gaming tournament featuring CounterStrike in their list. As posted earlier WCG has also shortlisted the game for this years gaming tournament to be played around the world and finals being played at Busan this year.

    There was a speculation that the game developer Valve may be planning to build a new part of their popular multi player game. Rumors have been floating on the Internet that Valve may be testing the new game which can be a sequel to CounterStrike and is rumored to be named CounterStrike: Global Offensive. It is being learnt from sources that the changes will include different types of grenade, guns and new maps. Things will become clear once the official announcement is made.


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