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    eType- Free Dictionary plus Translator as you type .

    free dictionary plus translator etype
    Today while surfing the Internet i found a very useful software named eType for everyone who spends alot of time on their PC's or laptops typing which can be because of work or just for fun chatting. Surely most Internet users need to type alot for writing mails, chatting or even for posting comments and status updates on Facebook. The application has support for almost all the text editors and the web browsers as well. It works like this when you start typing a word it will open a window just below it showing suggestions for the word and its translation as well in the language which you have chosen at the time of install.

    free dictionary etype

    To some users it may look irritating but its a great piece of software, lite and easy to use. Its patent is still pending but soon it will get big with more than 269,000 likes on its Facebook page its getting popular. The only thing which i found irritating was that regular pop-ups from the taskbar at the right corner of the window but having this piece of software for Free i wont complain. I would suggest for everyone to try it atleast once and post your views in the comments.

    You can download it here. Happy Typing..!!

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