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    Hacker Group Anonymous to Deface Facebook! Can they..?

    annonymous to hack facebook

    The famous hacker group Anonymous which has been successful till date in keeping their identity anonymous has announced that they will deface the social networking website Facebook. The group which has never been traced by the cyber crime officials has always said that they never want to harm anyone or cause loss to anyone but they just do what they think is right. In May, 2009 members of anonymous group uploaded numerous pornographic videos on YouTube. The video included private content of family and friends and created a havoc on the Internet. One of the uploader reportedly said that it was done because of the removal of the music videos of from YouTube.

    There was video on YouTube claiming to be from the group Anonymous stating that they will kill the social networking website Facebook on 05, November 2011 but now the video has been removed by the uploader. The group named this activity as Operation Facebook and has started this claiming that Facebook has been violating the terms and intruding into the privacy of the people by selling their information to various investigating and detective agencies.

    Lets see what happens this time. Will Anonymous be able to do what they said or Facebook will come out without any problems. Would be interesting to see this.


    1. if they think that uploading pornographic videos on YouTube is right according to them then these sick minds should definately be traced in near future

    2. Thanks for your comment! I personally like the way Anonymous works.

    3. they may be the best hackers but vandalism is not kewl 


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