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    Mozilla following new trends by releasing Firefox 6 on 16 Aug

        Mozilla is now following the new trend of releasing various updated versions of its famous web browser Firefox every now and than. Mozilla is now releasing Firefox 6 on Aug 16 and what is to be noted here is that the previous version i.e., Firefox 5 was recently released on 21st June. The update will be applied to the users of Firefox 4 and 5. Firefox 6 comes with faster start up time and some graphical changes in the address bar of the web browser. All this seems to be in competition with Google who releases updates for its Chrome web browser for even a minor update. Google has recently update Chrome 15 beta.
        Actually this strategy opted by Mozilla can backfire cause frequent updates and changes in the web browser may not go well with the users. Mozilla has also started working on the next release i.e., Firefox 8 and has announced plans to release it in month of September approx. 27th. Lets see what this trend yields for Mozilla.

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