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    Official: Valve Announces CounterStrike: Global Offensive

    CounterStrike: Global Offensive- Gamers raring to GO!

       Its now official that the latest entry in the CounterStrike gaming series will be released soon. As it was posted earlier that the new CounterStrike game maybe among gamers soon, named CounterStike: Global Offensive which is expected to be released in early 2012 for Steam(PC and Mac), PlayStation and Xbox. Global Offensive will feature lots of new features like new maps, characters and weapons along with the updated maps like de_dust2 and other favourites among CounterStrike fans. Global offensive will also have new game play modes, matchmaking systems and various other features which are yet to be announced. 

       Valve hasn't released any game play video or snapshots for the new game. CS:GO as said in short is being developed jointly by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. Rumours were floating on web about a possible sequel to the famous game being tested by Valve but keeping aside all the rumours Valve has itself announced the new game which is in its development phase without revealing any more details. The game has been listed on the Steam store but doesn't have much details about the game.

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