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    Review: Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500GB portable drive.

    hitachi touro mobile pro 500gb

    Hitachi has now joined the manufacturers who have switched to the new USB 3.0 interface providing faster data transfer by releasing their new Touro Mobile Pro 500GB external hard disk. USB 3.0 is now becoming the new trend with manufacturers starting to build the hardware with USB 3.0 interface which provides high data transfer rates more than those of USB 2.0 devices. Looking at present scenario it looks that USB 2.0 will be phased out soon and USB 3.0 will rule the market.


    The Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro has a stylish and elegant design with black colour. The company name is embossed on the top front and other details at the back. Its thin and has a silver strip at the sides complementing the black colour and giving it a official look. The hard disk weighs about 155gm that makes it lighter and easier o carry. The lightweight also gives an advantage to this HDD over others models available in the market. But the hard disk surface tends to get scratches and finger spots which are visible in most of the lighting conditions.


    If we look at the features of Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro , the USB 3.0 external portable drive has a data capacity of 465GB and the disc speed is standard 7200 rpm. It has got 15MB cache for faster data transfer and comes with a cable. There are two options provided by the Hitachi for backing up the data , one is the cloud backup and second one being the local backup. The portable hard disk has been currently priced at Rs. 4408, making it a high priced product. The portable hard drive seems good but its success depends on the price which according to me  is quite high for a 500 GB hard disk and with many more cheaper options available in the market consumers are not likely to go with Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500GB.

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