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    SpeakAsia case raised in Rajya Sabha

    SpeakAsia topic was in the Rajya Sabha and concern was expressed over the alleged fraud by the company which is said to have cheated around 20 lakh people across India. SpeakAsia case has become the hottest topic right now and politicians want to make full use of it to get in limelight. 
       The issue was raised in Zero Hour by BJP MP Prabhat Jha, he said that the alleged fraud involved Rs.1326 crore that was taken by the company from its 20 lakh panelists promising them Rs.4000 every month for a year by depositing one time amount of Rs. 11000.
       He also said that only a police case was registered in this matter and wanted to know if the survey company was registered in India and if not than how it was allowed to function.

      SpeakAsia has been in news since 11th may after Star News reported alleged fraud by the company. The company COO and other officials were aressted by the economic offences wing (EOW), Mumbai for inquiry in the case after one of the panelists filed a complaint against the company. Looking at all the news coming it looks like this case will go on for very long and the panelists will have to wait for there money.

    source: PTI, Aug 05

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