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    SpeakAsiaOnline COO and others remand extended till 12 August

    COO Arrested by EOW Mumbai-CNN IBN

      The remand of company COO Tarak Bajpai and his four colleagues Rajeev Mehrotra, technical head for the portal, Shaikh Rais Latif, assistant for daily portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups, Ravi Janakraj Khanna, finance accountant, and Deepankar Sarkar, the first panelist from Inda. All of them were produced in court by ecconomic offences wing(EOW), The police told the court that they have found Rs. 139 crore in the companys 35 frozen bank accounts and hence need to extend the custody for further investigations.
    News on AajTak about court proceedings in SpeakAsia Case

         Where as AajTak reported that the police seemed to be on backfoot in the court because they didnt find any wrong doings or any proof against SpeakAsiaOnline. The company lawyer was very bold and fired questions at the Mumba police. SAOL lawyer told court the company hasnt done anything wrong and the company who has paid Rs. 54 crore amount in taxes , why will it think of running away from the country?. The SAOL lawyer also told the court that having a panelist base of 15 lakh , there has been only one complaint from the panelist side showing the trust and faith the panelist have on the company even after so many allegations against the comapany. The SAOL lawyer also said that there is some political leader behind all this who doesnt want the company to grow and do its business with repute. After listning to both the parties the court decided to extend the police custody of five office bearers of the company till 12th August giving police the final chance to get any strong proof against SpeakAsiaOnline or else they will be released after that. 

    Bike Rally to show support for SpeakAsia in Ludhiana

       With all this happening the panelistes who are the part of SpeakAsiaOnline family are doing there bit to save the company from injustice. There was a rally organised in Ludhiana, Punjab by the panelists. They shouted slogans and showed full trust on the company and wanted justice to be done with them and demanded a fair investigation. The company also anounced the much awaited exit option for panelists which was announced earlier by the SAOL. The company stated out some guidelines on how a panelist who wants to leave the company can get thier money back and leave the company. The two page letter was published with all the information regarding the exit option.

    Letter regarding the exit option 

      It has been in news that the police is planning to block the website here in India and later block it globally becasue the comapny server is located in US. This is a bad news for all the panelists who use to get all the updates from the company side from this website only. The company officials co-operating with the investigation has provided police with access to its company website and servers. 

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