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    Want to watch movies online for free? Movieplex is the Answer

    Yez you heard it right Movieplex is the answer from Yahoo to YouTube Box office to bring Bollywood movies directly to them online without the effort to download movies and than watch them. Internet users are now preferring to watch movies online provided the quality of the video is good and viewable online. Yahoo has started this service for India as Bollywood movies like Dil to Bacha Hai Ji, Crook, Rock On etc have been listed as of now. The idea is to provide full length , high quality movies that are licensed to be viewed online providing quality entertainment to the users.

    Screenshot of Movieplex

       The service is designed such that the movies can be shared across various social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter allowing users to recommend movies to their family and friends. The idea is also a move towards fighting piracy and Yahoo is in talks with leading production houses in Bollywood so that they can provide much more movies and build a library of online movies. The idea seems to be exciting for movie buffs but being online and buffering the movies for hours is the concern that MOVIEPLEX has to deal with now. Lets see how this new service from Yahoo will turn out to be either a hit or a flop.

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