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    100 SMS/day, per SIM | TRAI directive starts from today

    100 sms per day trai restriction
    100 SMS/day, per SIM limit imposed by TRAI

    In an attempt to limit the excessive telemarketing calls and messages , Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) has started implementing the 100 SMS/day per SIM rule from today. There has been a buzz around this new directive being implemented and you would have been informed about this by your telecom operator. There has been some confusion too regarding this among subscribers, like people thinking that they will only be disallowed discounted SMS and they will be able to send messages by using the balance in their account. But this is not the case, you wont be allowed to send any SMS after you reach the 100 SMS limit for the day even though you have enough balance in your account for sending messages.

    However, you can send more than 100 SMS a day if you use more than one SIM card. Some services have been kept apart from this directive and telecom companies have been directed strictly not to introduce any new packs which assures user to send more than 100 SMS per day. This new directive will be a problem for people who are use to heavy texting and i will be one of them. I give a thumbs down to this new rule from TRAI which makes it a problem for the consumers. 

    Do express your opinion and share your views in the comments section on this new rule being implemented from today. You can view the entire official directive from TRAI here.

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