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    Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for Micromax A70 & fix for video calling

    Gingerbread Update for Micromax A70:

    Officially Micromax hasn't released any updates for its A70 Android phone which currently comes with Android 2.2(Froyo). A70 users have been waiting for a official Gingerbread update for their phone but Micromax has said that the Android phone is not upgradable to Gingerbread. This news has disappointed many A70 users but there is no need to be disappointed as many Android forums have been testing various ROM's on the Android phone to make the Gingerbread update to work successfully on A70. This has been the hot topic among A70 users which are eagerly waiting to try their hands on the Gingerbread version of Android. Some forums have stated that they have been successful in installing the Gingerbread update ROM on Micromax A70.

    micromax a70 update gingerbread

    Bharat Nagpal at IGyaan has also confirmed that the phone can run the Gingerbread update and has said to provide the tutorial on how to do it very soon. We will update you with the latest news about updating your Micromax A70 to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

    Fix for Video calling:

    We learnt that even after having the secondary camera Micromax A70 users were not able to do video calling on their phone using Fring. So we got a very easy fix for it that was suggested in one of the forums on Internet. Here's the fix- open the Fring application on your phone and than quit it. Now open the camera and  switch to front facing secondary camera and reopen Fring. Thats it Fring video calls will work now on your A70. It has been tested and confirmed by A70 users. Enjoy.!


    1. can you to update the  micromax A70 android version 2.2 to 2.3(gingerbread)

    2. can u give me the link for update.zip file for A70

    3. any update  for micromax a70 please release it fast a soon as possible

    4. There has been no update till now, but we are looking at all the possible ways of getting a update for A70. the same will be updated on the blog once found.

    5. i have been bored readind it that you will tell soon.... now i have lost all hopes from you.


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