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    How to clean a cellphone keyboard

    Clean your cellphone keyboard
    Clean your cellphone keyboardIts easy when you follow the simple steps.
    Cellphones are one of the most used gadgets today in everyone’s life. Day to day rough use makes it dirty. Its keys get most of the dirt because they are pressed every time you have to do something with the phone and sometimes with dirty and sticky fingers. All this makes the cellphone keyboard very dirty and sticky to use and that ignites a need for cleaning the keys of the cellphone. Believe me, this can be tricky sometimes depending on the make of your cell phone but don’t worry, we have got a way by which you can clean the keyboard of your cellphone easily without causing any damage to your cellphone.
    You don’t have to be a cellphone technician to do this nor you need any tools and need not to open the cellphone. Cellphone keyboard is made of plastic material and keys get dirty with natural day to day use. You can clean the keyboard of your phone in few minutes and very easily by just following the simple steps given below:
    Things you’ll need:
    1. Rubbing Alcohol
    2. Bowl
    3. Cotton
    4. Dirty Cellphone
    1. Take a bowl and clean it. After cleaning it properly, put two full table spoons of rubbing alcohol and two table spoons of water in the bowl and mix them well. This much of solution will be enough to clean most of the cellphone keyboards. Remember! Keep a balance between the alcohol and water in the solution.
    2. Now take some of the cotton and dip it in the solution. Make sure the cotton is not very wet and squeeze the excess solution out of it. Don’t get your cellphone too wet as then it will take much more time to dry and the rubbing alcohol to evaporate.
    3. Make sure to turn off the cellphone before applying the solution to the keys. Now rub the cotton dipped in the solution over each of the keys. Keep rubbing the cotton over the keys till all the dirt and oil is removed and the keys start shining again. This solution will clean the buttons and keys very efficiently removing all the dirt from the buttons.
    4. After cleaning the keys, leave the phone open to dry and take a dry cotton swab and wipe off the excess solution from over the keys. Some of the alcohol that could have been remaining in the cellphone will get evaporated in sometime after you leave it to dry. Once the excess alcohol gets evaporated, then turn on the phone and its ready to use with the new and shining keys.
    See how easy it was to clean the keyboard of your cellphone. You can use the same solution for cleaning the inner body of the cellphone without causing any damage to your cellphone. You can repeat the same procedure to clean the keys once in every week so that you have clean, hygienic and shining keys always.
    1. Alcohol is the best cleaner to clean the keys of the cellphone devices because it doesn’t cause any damage to the cellphone.
    2. Keep wiping the cellphone with a soft cloth once in a while that will prevent dirt buildup.
    3. Don’t use the keys or the cellphone while eating anything because oily fingers will make the cellphone keys sticky and that will result in catching more dirt.

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