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    How to setup Skype to work on Android via Wi-Fi

    Skype on Android
    Skype on AndroidSkype on Android
    Skype is the application software which was first developed for personal computers for which enabled users to make PC to PC calls anywhere in the world free of cost over internet. The calls made to PC is free whereas calls to landlines and mobile phones over the world from Skype over internet are charged, but are very cheap as compared to international ISD call rates. Skype is now available for a number of platforms and for various wireless devices which has made Skype a household name now. 
    Skype has improved over the years and many updates have been released. Skype now offers instant messaging, voice calls, video calls and video call conferencing. Skype is now available for Android which is the fastest growing mobile platform and can be setup to work through WiFi.
    Things you’ll need:
    1. Internet Access
    2. Android Phone
    Difficulty: Easy… Skype will be up and running on your Android phone easily.
    Skype has released its application for Android handsets and now it’s official that there are no limitations on using Skype only through Verizon wireless and it can now be used over WiFi anywhere in the world. There have been some compatibility issues with Samsung Galaxy S phones and they are now being dealt with. 
    Skype for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market by going to the mobile site of Skype or directly going to the Android market and searching for Skype, downloading it and installing it and you’re ready to use Skype on your Android Phone. There is no other special way to install Skype on Android phones. 
    The Skype application can be dragged to your home screen for easy access once installed properly in the phone. You can check it out by visiting the Android website or even the Skype website which gives details about the availability of Android market in different countries. If Android market is not available in your country than no need to worry, you can still download Skype for your Android by going to a third party site named GetJar. Simply search for Skype for Android and instal it after downloading it. 
    The minimum requirements for Installing Skype on your Android phone are:
    1. Needs Android OS version 2.1 above to run.
    2. Minimum 27 MB of free memory space to install the Skype application
    3. Processor Speed of 600Mhz or more.
    4. Screen Resolution that are supported by the application: 320×240, 240×400, 320×480, 800×480 and 850×480.
    Skype has recently released a version which now enables users to make video calls from their Android handset. Skype can be used over WiFi which will be much more cheaper for users than using it over 3G connections because 3G data rates are still very high in many countries. T
    This problem is being dealt with by Skype and in coming days the problem will be rectified. If you have Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your Samsung handset, then you won’t experience any problem while using Skype and can make cheap international calls directly from your phone using WiFi or free Skype to Skype calls. 
    So, download the Skype application on your Android now and start connecting with people all around the world free on WiFi.

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