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    Internet to be brought down by Conficker worm?

    internet worm conficker
    Conficker worm is a potential danger to internet.?
    According to the Black Hawk Down writer Mark Bowden, the Conficker worm has all the capability to bring down the internet. Mark Bowden's latest book "Worm: The First Digital World War" states how the Conficker worm was discovered, how it works and how it is a potential danger to the Internet. The book also talks about the efforts being put in by programmers to bring down the Conficker worm.

    TechEye mentioned that more than 12 million computers all around the world has been infected with this worm. The self-updating worm which is said to be a potential danger to the Internet gets into core of the computer. Bowden  also said that the Conficker worm controllers can use all of the computers connected together and it will form the largest and most powerful computer in the world.

    Conficker is also known to be good for stealing passwords and codes. In Ukraine, a group of people used a part of Conficker worm's computers to steal passwords and drain US bank accounts. We dont know what ls ahead for us but we hope not get infected by such a dangerous and potential worm. What do you guys think? Will the worm be able to bring down the internet as said by Marl Bowden?. Do leave your thoughts about the Conficker worm in the comments section.

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