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    Review: Azur 751BD Blu-Ray player

    Azur 751BD
    Azur 751BDFrontal View
    Cambridge Audio has now released a Blu-Ray player that is loaded with features that will definitely capture your attention. The Blu-Ray player is said to be the best among its competitors in the market and features make it the best indeed. Azur 751BD has been priced high and is twice the price of the previous model. Being a high priced player, it promises to give a great experience to the user. The design is stylish, bold and simple at the same time and is sure to catch your eyes in the first look.
    Azur 751BD can play 2D, 3D and DVD discs. Connectivity options have always been an issue with these type of players, but the Azur 751BD has dealt with this issue as well giving it the edge over its competitors.
    The Azur 751BD has got two HDMI outputs so that you can connect it to two full high definition displays. But if you have older amplifiers which have no input for HDMI, than you have to hook on another cable for two channel output. It has got 1GB of internal storage and wired and wireless internet connectivity options along with a Ethernet port and wireless USB dongle. 
    The remote supplied with the player is like the ones supplied with other Cambridge Audio players and is sleek and easy to use. The display on the front panel is very clear and is easy to read and navigate through the buttons provided on the panel. There are also two USB inputs provided in the player which enable to connect the data USB devices and recognize various types of media formats. The player also comes with an eSATA port with an extra connectivity option that can connect several devices to the player.
    The player comes with a special pure audio mode which increases its performance in the terms of the sound clarity. The audio mode can be selected through a remote controller and it stops all the video processing; and provides greater and cleaner sound quality. This mode allows the user to just listen to music with much more clearer, balanced and awesome quality.
    The picture quality produced by the player is excellent and provides with the minute details of the video without overlapping of colors and shadows.The picture quality is as high as compared to any other quality produced by players out there in the market. 
    The HDMI output provides with the crystal clear picture quality on the full HD displays. Even with the DVD discs in the player, the picture quality is superb and edges are rounded and more cleaner and clearer deatils.
    Price is the only issue with the product and may hamper its sale. 
    Panasonic DMP-BDT310 is one of Azur 751BD’s competitor. The player from Panasonic is one of the great for value products because it has been priced very low as compared to the Azur 751BD. With great picture quality, the player is sure to give strong competition to Cambridge Audio’s Azur 751BD.
    Keeping in mind all the features and support for connecting other devices with so many connectivity options, this player has an edge over all the blu-ray players out there in the market.

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