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    How to put ringtones on your iPhone for free

    how to put ringtones in iphone free
    Ringtones for iPhone
    If your getting irritated boring stock ringtones of your cellphone then you would definitely want to get rid of them but if you are not able to find the correct ringtone that suits your mood and personality over the web then no need to worry because you can make ringtones for your mobile phone yourself and that too absolutely free. You can turn your favorite songs into ringtones for free and can enjoy and believe me this ain’t no rocket science, its as easy as cutting a cake!

    There are various tools and services which are offered for free that let you make ringtones from your favorite songs.
    Time Required: The time required varies from person to person. On an average creating a ringtone for your cellphone and transferring it from your computer to your phone doesn’t take more than ten minutes.
    Things you will require:
    • MP3 Phone
    • Computer
    • Music file
    • Email Account
    • Internet Access
    In this part of the article we will provide you with step by step guide on how to make a ringtone for your mobile phone. There are many services provided by cell phone manufacturers such as Apple provides such a service through iTunes for its iPhone users across the world. You can make a ringtone from the songs on iTunes for this you have to download the iTunes software for your computer. After downloading iTunes just follow the steps given below:
    1. The very first step towards making the ringtone is to choose the song in iTunes. Then select the option for editing the song.
    2. Now after you have opened it for editing, set the time length of the ringtone.(Preferably not more than 20 seconds)
    3. Now from advanced menu option select ‘Create ACC version’.
    4. After creating the ACC version of the time length you had set, Delete the Stop time.
    5. If your a Mac user then you will have to convert the file, for doing so you need to click on the newly created version of the song and click ‘ Show in Finder’ so that you can change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. You can change the extension by just clicking on the file name and renaming it to the new file extension, you will also want to make the ringtone name smaller so rename it accordingly.
    6. Now what you will want to do is delete the file from the iTunes and copy it to your desktop, for doing so just drag the file to the desktop and delete the file from iTunes. However, if you want to import the file back into iTunes then go to File menu and select Add to Library option and search for the file on your desktop, select it and it will appear in the iTunes Library.
    7. For PC users, its a bit different they need to find the file on their machine to change the file extension. If the settings are default then the file can be found in any of the these folders My Documents, My Music, iTunes or any other relevant music folder. And after finding the file it can be renamed by just clicking on it and changing the file extension to .m4r instead of previous .m4a and then add it back to iTunes library.
    8. Now both Mac and PC users will see a Ringtones category and the file would be listed under this category. For transferring the file to the iPhone you need to synchronize the ringtones. Make sure that you have selected the Ringtones tab for sync.
    Now Enjoy the free ringtone on your phone.
    Make sure you have the rights of the songs that you want to convert into a ringtone. Do not make copies of the ringtones for distribution that will result in copyright violation and piracy. Always make ringtones for personal use which is legal and do not distribute the content and make sure to make a copy of the original song.

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