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Cook faces first challenge as Apple chief at iPhone 5 launch

The world is waiting eagerly for the launch of iPhone5 and there have been speculations from quite some time about the new features and specifications of the phone. iPhone 5 is said to be powered by a faster A5 processor, a brilliant 8-megapixel camera and more memory which will provide smooth working of the phone.

tim cook apple chief
Time to 'Cook' up some heat !
It will be the first time too when Tim Crook will launch an Apple product as CEO of the company. It will be interesting to see if Tim Crook can he match the charismatic persona of Steve Jobs which was the key ingredient in the success of Apple.

Apple has seen a low patch in the last quarter with Android based tablets and smartphones ruling the market. In this situation, the launch of iPhone 5 can be a breathe of fresh air for the company.
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