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    How to Remove Facebook Ticker from appearing on your browser

    Facebook Ticker has been facing criticism from many since its inception. Many users have found it to be irritating and unnecessary. Many think that the new feature is an attempt to dig into ones privacy while using Facebook. Ticker shows real time updates from your friends. If one of your friends comments on a friends photo or likes a page, it will appear on ticker as and when it happens.
    remove facebook ticker
    Facebook ticker is irritating for many users

    Though the ticker feature cannot be disabled in Facebook but now you can atleast hide this ticker from appearing on your browser by just using some simple browser plugins.

    For Google Chrome browser:
    • Download the plugin here.
    • Install and Add it to your Chrome web browser.
    • Close the browser and restart again.
    • Tada ! Your done and the ticker window wont appear now !

    For Mozilla Firefox browser:

    The plugin for Firefox wont remove the ticker window completely instead it will remove the new side bar and bring back the old chat window. The ticker will appear once you click homepage but will not be shown once you goto your profile. Firefox users still may want to try this, steps are given below.

    • Install this Firefox Addon named Greasemonkey.
    • After its successful adding the extension, install this script from here.
    • Firefox will now restart and now your done, the old chat window will appear.

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