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    The Symbian Foundation near to taste its end

    The once leader in the mobile OS market Symbian has been having a hard time. The market share of Symbian has been dropping continuously with Android keen on taking the top position. There have been rumors that the Symbian Foundation is about to end because of the exceeding market pressure. The foundation which is primarily backed by Nokia is having tough time accumulating funds to make its presence felt in the market and compete strongly with others. Seeing this drop the board managing the foundation has directed its chief to shut down operations. But the Foundation wont accept this nor will deny and has said that they are reviewing their strategy for further operations. 
    symbian foundation near its end

    However, even after so many rumors circulating about the future of Symbian, its still the world leader in the smartphone OS market with 41.2 per cent of the global market. Symbian has seen a drop of approx 10 per cent of its global market share which was 51 per cent in the previous year and the drop in share continues with Android OS closing in to the top. The bad news came for Symbian when Sony Ericsson and Samsung announced that they wont build anymore Symbian based phones which left Nokia as the sole smartphone manufacturing partner of Symbian.

    With all these news and said to be rumors coming, the only good thing for Symbian can be a newly formed avatar of the OS. Symbian is getting old and needs some kinda surgery to make it efficient enough to compete with its counterparts in the market. We will keep you updated with the latest developments related to this news.

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