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    Aakash :The updated version will be released in February 2012 at same price

    According to reports, DataWind the makers of Aakash have started the work on the new upgraded version of Ubislate (name given by DataWind). The upgraded version is expected to have a faster CPU of 800MHz compared to 366MHz in the current version of Aakash. The new upgraded version will have 1GB RAM which will ensure the smooth functioning of tablet with faster speeds.

    update version of aakash released

    It is being learnt that the upgraded version will also sport a front camera which will enable users to be connected with their family and friends  through video calls on Skype. The resistive touch screen is stated for improvements too.

    This time various other technology heads will come together with DataWind to make Aakash a successful tablet. The thing that surprises us is that the new version with faster processor and upgraded RAM will be priced the same as the current version. If this is made possible than it will be a revolution and will definitely  help students across the world.

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