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    Online gaming store Steam hacked, Gamers Alert!!

    The popular online gaming store Steam has been hacked and it is speculated that the credit card details of members may have been stolen by hackers. There was a post on Steam forum that the forum was hacked on Sunday 6th  of November. The database had game purchase details, passwords, credit card information etc., which may have been copied by the hackers.

    steam gaming store hacked

    Steam has already issued warnings for their users to keep an eye on there credit cards. The members will be issued guidelines for changing there Steam passwords as well as Steam forum passwords. Both the passwords should not be the same to be more secure. Steam store by Valve is not sure about which of the information has been accessed by the hackers. The forum is still not live and is expected to be up and running shortly.

    I'll suggest all Steam users to immediately change their passwords so that their Steam account and personal details are not compromised. 

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