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    Aakash Tablet PC up for sale online, with pre-order of upgraded version Ubislate7

    Aakash Tablet PC which has been in news since its launch in October. People of India , specially gadget geeks have been looking forward to its commercial release so that they can get their hands on Aakash, which is the cheapest tablet pc in the world. Aakash is the cheapest tablet pc , no doubt int that but it does not have enough in its specs to live upto its name. But for those who were eagerly waiting for the tablet to be made available, Aakash is now officially available for order now.

    You can go online to their website and place an order for the tablet, which will be then delivered to your doorstep. The tablet is available only for online order as of now with cash on delivery payment method. The tablet will be delivered to you in one weeks time according to the them and is priced at Rs. 2500.

    upgraded version of aakash available for booking
    Upgraded version of Akash i.e., Ubislate7 

    The upgraded version of Aakash which was expected to be released in February has now been offically announced. The upgraded version has been named Ubislate7 and has been priced at Rs. 2,999. The booking for Ubislate7 has been started concurrently with the ordering process of Aakash. You can book it through their  official website. The upgraded version has improved specs and will have features like GPRS and WiFi for anytime/ anywhere web. The current version of Aakash doesn't have support for GPRS. Ubislate7 will work as a phone too which makes it a phone cum Tablet PC.

    The upgraded features include a n improved 700MHz prcocessor, 256 MB of RAM,  this time it will be running Android v2.3 Gingerbread, and an improved battery of 3200mAh which can give 5 hours of backup time.

    Pre-ordering Ubislate7 at a price of Rs. 2999 looks a far better option than ordering the Aakash Tablet PC. According to me the decision to start booking for Ubislate7 will hamper the sales of Aakash. Don't know what the business minds behind Aakash and DataWind thought before starting both the processes simultaneously. Lets see how the Aakash Tablet PC fares once its out in the market. 

    The website link for Ordering Aakash Tablet PC is here. And If you want to book Ubislate7 than click here.
    Drop your views and comments below or @wotthetech on twitter.


    1. available online only? for now? hmm. somehow it always feels nice to buy gadgets off the shelf.anyways am sure the online thing must have got a good response to it already

    2. Yes for now it is only available online. Maybe later it can be bought from the stores but that wont happen any soon. You are right, it got a great response with Aakash's current version being sold out within few days.

    3. I want to buy Tablet PC. Plz... Give the key features of the Aakash tablet pc.....

    4. All the improved specs have already been mentioned in the post itself.

    5. it is recommended to wait for the next update of Akash tablet i.e Akash 2 as Akash has got nothing to offer expect for the price..

    6. Ubislate 7 has got some improved features over the previous version. You can opt for that or there other cheap tablets available in the market now.


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