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    Beebble: The game isn't just in the virtual world anymore.

    Beebble lets you interact with your real world location
    Beebble is the new game from SeventhSide Games, the game is basically a city builder (a virtual town simulator) which allows the players to let their real world location to interact with the virtual environment in the game.

    The game's story is based upon the theory of Albert Einstein, which stated that if there is no bee on this planet than humanity also cannot survive, “If bees disappear from the planet, Man will only have four years to live.”  

    The story of the game starts as:

    To save humanity the Professor Beebblestein, a crazy scientist, created a new genetically modified species of bees names the Beebbles, capable of communicating with humans. During the professor’s experiments, an explosion occurred, scattering the Beebbles contained in his incubator to all four corners of the world.

    By downloading the free game, the players will be asked to explore real locations around them to uncover the Beebbles who may have found themselves there after the blast. As well as enticing players to discover new areas of their real world, the game pushes them to create communities for these bees by placing towns within the Beebble universe but positioned in the real world. These towns will then be developed by the players, as well as any new friends they may make within the game. 

    Get the game:

    SeventhSide Games who released the beta version first , have now released the final version of the game Beebble. The game has been built using HTML5, a new programming language. As it is entirely web-based, the game can be played on all platforms connected to the Internet through one address: http://m.beebble.com, by downloading the game through the App Store, or through their Facebook application. SeventhSide Games are also planning a release of Beebble on the Android Market in the near future. 

    The game seems to be promising and adventurous. While Android users have to wait for the native release, users of iPhone can instantly download and play the game. Happy Beebbling!!

    Here are some pics of the game: Click images to enlarge the view.

    Let us know of your playing experience in the comments section or @wotthetech on twitter.

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