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    Censorship War: Netizens say no to censorship, stand against Kapil Sibal

    India wants to follow China's foot mark as far as prescreening of online content is concerned. Mr. Kapil Sibal who is currently the Minister of Communication and Information Technology in cabinet wants social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter , Google etc., to remove objectionable content before it goes online. Mr. Sibal called a meeting for discussing what can be done to prescreen the content before it goes online. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google respectively. 
    censorship issue in India
    Generation Next says No to Censorship

    This has sparked a furious debate in the country. The people has a feeling of anger and the youth of India are not willing to accept this type of action to censor the online content. Twitter was flooded with messages against the move from Mr. Sibal with #Idiotkapilsibal being the most famous tweet trend from past two days. Bloggers and techies has also not welcomed the move. Where as Google has stated that they wiill comply with the law of state but they wont remove any content just because its controversial. In addition Google said that people have differing mindsets which give way for different opinions which should be respected. 

    Facebook stated that they are looking forward to the important issue that the govt has pointed out and will remove the content which violates there guidelines.

    My View On This:
    I think that screening content before it goes online is practically impossible as of now. There is no such technology to do so and if it is done by humans than Mr. Kapil Sibal should be ready to pay for the salaries of lacs of people that will be required to do that, which is not practical at all. Online companies cannot be blamed for the content that users post online just like the telecom operators cannot be blamed for the calls that any terrorist will do, the only thing the online firms can do is to remove the content once it is brought to their notice, which they are already doing. 

    Your views are welcomed on this issue. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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