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    Indonesia may stop BlackBerry Services : Reports

    BlackBerry users in Indonesia now have a reason to worry. The telecom regulation authority of Indonesia is going to tighten its screws on the BlackBerry services such as BIS-BlackBerry Internet Services and BBM-BlackBerry Messenger. BRTI- Indonesia Telecom Regulation body has threatened to block the BlackBerry Data services in the country. BRTI has said that they may have to end the BlackBerry Internet Services and BlackBerry Messenger in Indonesia because RIM has not been cooperative , as reported by a local newspaper. 
    indonesia may stop blackberry services
    RIM services were also threatened by Indian Govt.

    The Indonesian government currently cant trace the data sent to and from BlackBerry phones because the data is encrypted and is sent to foreign servers. RIM recently decided to build servers in Singapore instead of Indonesia, this maybe the reason for a such a reaction by BRTI. With million of BlackBerry users , Indonesia is a mass market for RIM. Without the BlackBerry data services , it will be just like some other cell phone. Sometime back Indian govt. also threatened to block the BlackBerry services if RIM didn't allow  the intelligence agencies to access their servers. The reason for getting access to RIM servers was so that they can keep a check if the highly secured BIS is being used by any terror groups for communication. The matter was resolved and the BlackBerry data services was not blocked for users in India.

    Meanwhile, RIM has taken the various media reports seriously and will be meeting with Indonesian Govt. officials to talk about the matter. "We can't imagine that the Indonesian government would take a stance that would negatively affect millions of BlackBerry users," as it was reported by The Wall Street Journal. RIM is confident that they will resolve any disagreements or any issues.

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