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    The Galaxy Nexus Open a Whole World of New Options For Android

    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is being hailed as a game-changer for smartphone users everywhere. The early reviews are in and the often hypercritical smartphone reviewers agree that the Galaxy Nexus is a solid phone. In times like these, price is a huge factor, and the Galaxy Nexus could be considered a steal for its retail price of $300.

    First of all, the phone has a massive screen. The 4.65-inch screen makes the device something of a hybrid between a tablet and a traditional smartphone. You get all the benefits of having a large display on a tablet without having to feel like you're talking into a shoe box. The touch screen has been improved with better responsiveness and more capabilities.

    The Galaxy Nexus most game-changing feature might be its software. The device features Android's deliciously powerful Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, or as it's known more boringly, Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich runs freely on the phone without being encumbered by manufacturer's software. This has long been a problem within the Android universe and the Galaxy Nexus looks to solve it.

    The shift from using Android software as a framework to using it as the entire operating system, as the Galaxy Nexus does, might provide a boon to the Android App Market. Developers previously had trouble juggling the different variations of software that were on the market but if Ice Cream Sandwich can become the standard platform, free of outside developers putting their own software on top, we might see a spike in the different types of Android apps available. At the very least, standardized software will speed up an updating process that has long been a point of ire for Android users.

    The Galaxy Nexus might have the power to change the smartphone market but only time will tell. One thing is for certain: if you're still using that Samsung RAZR from 2005, you're due for an upgrade.

    Author’s Bio: Margot is a guest post writer on the subject of technology, smartphones and using a Dell coupon to get a great deal on a PC when she’s not writing for the Blog Content Guild

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