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    Now Google comes out to clear its stand on Carrier IQ

    Android OS from Google was alleged to have Carrier IQ 
    Its now Google who has come out and clearly said that its in no way connected with CarrierIQ and has never shared any work relationship of any kind. Google's Android operating system phones were alleged to have CarrierIQ installed in them. Google was under constant pressure because of the allegations.

    Android is an open source operating system which makes it even more vunrable to various rootkit programs that can be installed in it. Android smartphone users were confused about what to do after hearing this news. But now they have a sense of relief as Google itself has come out and cleared all the allegations put on it. Carrier IQ has been alleged to install its root kit program that enables to track user data from there smartphones without the knowledge of the user. For more info on Carrier IQ refer to earlier post here.

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