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    Why i bought a BlackBerry against a Android ?

    Many would be thinking why i bought a BlackBerry when everyone is craving for an Android in today's time. Everyone thinks alot about the choices available to them, checking all the available phones in the market before buying a new mobile phone. Today if we see the mobile phone market, Android OS has become the core ingredient that everyone first looks for in a mobile phone.

    blackberry against android

    Its not a surprise because Android has created a buzz since it was released and from that time it has been a success story for Google, who has created a market sphere of its own. Google's name associated with it makes it a household name. All my friends are Android crazy, they always are talking about one or the other new apps that have appeared on Android Market.  My case was no different , i was also swept away by the features and apps that Android supported. You may be thinking that i am favoring Android so much than why i bought a BlackBerry!. Read on and you will know why i got a BlackBerry even after falling in love with Android.

        My quest for the next smartphone started with checking out every Android smartphone available in the market which would fit my pocket. I couldn't afford a high-end Android smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy S II, so i had to look for options which would fit my budget. I use my phones for heavy texting and chatting so i decided to go for a qwerty boosted Android phone. Much to my disappointment there are very less options for a person like me who wants a qwerty Android. I checked every Android phone with a qwerty keypad but there wasn't a one which could satisfy my heart. There were few phones which for a moment made me feel that i can buy them but some had a bad keypad and some had other problems.

       Than my attention diverted over to other categories and the first one was BlackBerry. I have never been a fan of BlackBerry from the start but i must say that RIM has come a long way to make BlackBerry a cool smartphone which is not only meant for business personals. Initially i was reluctant to go for BlackBerry or even consider it as one of the options, one of the main reason being the costly BIS service which you have to subscribe to for internet and famous BlackBerry Messenger.

    On the other hand, i kept looking for a better option in Android but i always have argued that budget Android is not good for long run. It wont give you the ultimate Android experience and will  also cause many problems such as slow working of the phone which i have already witnessed in many budget Android phones. The much talked about apps on the Android market are of no use if your Android phone is not able handle more than a dozen of apps which have been the case with these budget Android phones.

       After looking at every aspect of the phones, i finally decided to go for BlackBerry Curve 3G because it had a good repo associated with it and atleast it can give me the optimum BlackBerry experience without causing problems that a budget Android would have done. Most importantly it fitted well into my budget. The BlackBerry supports all the useful apps that a phone must have. BlackBerry 6 OS makes it smoother to work with. It has got the best qwerty keypad, if you have used a Nokia than you may find the keys a bit hard. And slowly i am falling in love with my BlackBerry, the way it lights up only the calling buttons during a call. The music keys have made it alot easier to shuffle between tracks. Audio output is amazing in the earphones with optimum sound clarity.

       Overall i am satisfied with what i have chosen even though it was not my first choice but i am glad that i made the right choice according to my needs and money constraints. 

    Drop your views below in the comments. Follow me on twitter @wotthetech.

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