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    Why to buy a high-end Android smartphone and not a budget Android?

    Ever since the likes of Micromax, Karbon, Samsung have released their low cost Android smartphones in the market, people are drooling for them. The sales of Android phones have reached record high this year, thanks to these cheap Android smartphones which fits well in everyone's pocket!. Even Motorola has now entered this budget segment of Android smartphone with its Fire and Fire XT Android smartphones. But is it a good choice to go buy a low cost droid which gives same features and runs almost all apps a high-end droid does?. Keep reading and you will get the answer. 

    buy high end android not a budget android

    Smartphone manufacturers started working on cheap and low cost hardware rather than worrying about the operating system which enabled them to build cost effective smartphones. The result of which can be seen in the market today. Low cost smartphones powered with Android operating system are ruling the mobile phone market. Indian people has shown a craze for Android powered low cost smartphones, making it a popular segment for smartphone manufacturers. Manufacturers like Micromax and Samsung have already released their budget Android phones in the country. 

    Everyone wants to buy a Android powered smartphone today, and low cost Android smartphones in the market has made it more attractive for a user who doesn't want to spend alot in high-end smartphones being it a Droid, a iPhone or any other high-end smartphone. The question is why should they pay for a high-end Droid phone when they are getting the same features, applications and looks in a low cost Android smartphone? 

    Here is the answer, Android operating system is a heavy resource consuming OS. It needs a good amount of primary memory i.e., RAM and a high speed processor for an optimum experience. A 512 MB RAM and 1GHz single-core processor would be enough to give you a good experience of Android. Anything less than this will give you an average performance with some problems like slowing down of smartphone when more applications are installed, applications responding late or not responding at all and other problems related to low cost hardware. This is why i never recommend any of my friends also to go for a cheap Android. It may save you alot of money but will give you everlasting headache (not seriously!).

    So before you buy an Android smartphone or if your thinking of getting yourself a new droid than do consider the points above. Now you have to decide one of the two  
    • Do you want to go for optimum Android experience which comes with high end phones? or
    • Do you want to go for a low cost budget Android smartphone which wont dig a hole in your pocket?

    The decision is yours to make.! 
    Drop your comments below with your views or for any query regarding Android smartphones.


    1. This funny now that technology has advanced way beyond this article for even the cheap smartphones! Moto E and G are examples.


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