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    Anonymous on a roll, hacks Mexican websites

    After hacking various US government websites including that of FBI, Anonymous is taking this hacking spree forward by attacking various Mexican websites which belong to the government departments. Websites belonging to Interior Ministry , Chamber of Deputies and the Senate were hacked. Interior Ministry website was inaccessible till afternoon. 
    anonymous hacks mexican websites

    Anonymous has been protesting against SOPA from the beginning, they hacked the websites of various US government departments after FBI took down the famous file sharing site Megaupload. 

    Anonymous posted a video on YouTube in which they said, "We demand the Mexican government not continue with this law because they will take away our freedom of speech and file sharing".  

    Anonymous is protesting against the Mexican version of SOPA. In the past few weeks there has been alot of talks about US SOPA and PIPA bills which were opposed by online companies like Wikipedia , Reddit, etc. After all the talks and protest against SOPA, there was the news that the bill has been taken back for revision

    This SOPA doesn't seem to come to an end this easily.  We can expect some more hacking incidents to take place in the near future.

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