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    Counter Strike 1.6 Bas Pelo Delhi Clan Server

    If you are into gaming than you would already be knowing what Counter Strike game is all about, its one of the most popular and most played multiplayer games in the world. The game has been developed by Valve. Even though there have been many versions of the game but Counter Strike 1.6 is the most popular off all. The game can be played on LAN as well as through Internet. A Clan is team of five persons which either get to be Terrorists or Counter Terrorists in a match.

    counter strike 1.6 delhi clan server
    Screenshot from the Bas Pelo Clan Server
        For playing Counter Strike online you need a game server address. Some Clan's have their private servers as well as public servers where anyone can join in and play. One such Clan is Bas Pelo, it is one of the active clans in Delhi, comprising of college students and even office goers!. They play in various Counter Strike tournaments online as well as on LAN in and around Delhi.

    The Clan has following members:
    • Bharat aka Kaal
    • Hitesh aka Genji
    • Ujval aka. Wall_e
    • Naveen aka NeikO
    • Utkarsh aka Iza
    • Ravi aka Morris

    If any Clan is willing to play against them on LAN or online than they can contact by commenting on this post or can directly go to the server and talk to the Admin there.

    Server Address:

    Update: Server Address is not working currently and will be updated soon.!

    You can follow the blog for more updates regarding Counter Strike along with other games. You can follow the blog on twitter @wotthetech


    1. Kuldeep a.k.a ONE MAN ARMY says hiiiiii to "Bas Pelo" ;)

    2. "Bas Pelo" says Hiii to you Kuldeep ;P

    3. guneet a.k.a. *professional killer* guneet asks " bas pelo" to join his clan

    4. i m a member of |InVicTuS| clan wat say about a match with us ?

      contact me bkunal87gmail .com
      on facebook!!!!!

    5. Yup sure , we would like to have a match with you :)

    6. Thanks for your interest in our clan but sorry currently we are not adding any new members in the clan.

    7. This seems to be quite old, however, in case people are still active... There is a CS tournament being organised in Delhi at Fire in the Hole in Malviya Nagar. Do check it out. More details are on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/fireintheholedelhi


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