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    Will Windows Phone be a success or not?

       When Microsoft partnered with Nokia than many said that both of them are trying to save their sinking ships, because Android and iOS are ruling the mobile OS market. I agree that Android and iOS has been the rulers of this kingdom of mobile OS market but I do not agree if anyone says that Windows Phones are history or they can never be successful. Many techies have stated that Windows Phone will not be able to come out of his Windows Mobile image and lags behind in the race which is being lead by Android and iOS. Let us see some of the key aspects of a Mobile OS and see if Windows Phone can be a success.

    windows phone os success
    New Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone OS
       Microsoft teamed up with Nokia, which gave Microsoft the opportunity to reach out to the vast Nokia market. The places where no one even knows of iOS and Android, Nokia has been present there for years.  Nokia maybe seen as a sinking ship with Symbian loosing its charm but the reality is that they are selling lacs of handsets a day. This will enable the new platform from Microsoft to reach out to the markets where Nokia has been the sole computing device for users. Global reach of the Windows Phone will surely boost its growth in the coming years. 

       Everyone talks about the number of Apps that a given platform has, even the local retailer will tell you the number of Apps that a smartphone supports when buying a new smartphone. Apps have become the game player in today's mobile OS market. Windows Phone supports about 50,000 apps which is very less if compared to iOS's 5,00,000 and Android's 4,00,000 apps. Keeping this comparison aside, Windows Phone has reached the 50,000 mark quicker than Android and iOS. If we look at the previous year in terms of Apps than  according to a report Windows Phone marketplace was the fastest growing app store leaving behind both Android and iOS. For developing these apps, a mobile platform must have a dedicated and innovative developer community. Microsoft has a developer community which is focused on developing useful and innovative apps utilizing the potential of the platform. Microsoft also has the tools which will surely broaden this community of developers.

    The user interface which is one of the most important features of a mobile OS and  one key ingredient which contributes to its success. Windows Phone has a strikingly new UI, the tiles structure makes it easier to access applications and information. The unique UI of Windows Phone gives it a new brand value, which takes it to another level. Most probably if this Windows Phone was available before than most of the users would have chosen the UI of Windows Phone rather than going for Android or iOS.

       This all is just some of the key points that give us a look at what Windows Phone can do to the current scenario of mobile OS market. What we are thinking currently is that this is a situation where no other platform can survive with Android and iOS being viewed as the clear winners but thinking that would be wrong. According to me, the mobile OS market will completely change in the coming years, and it wont be the same five years down the line. Windows Phone will emerge as a strong competitor over the coming years.

    What do you think will be the future of Windows Phone?. Drop your comments below. 
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