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    5 Misconceptions that new Bloggers have.

    Many newbie bloggers give up blogging cause they don't get enough visits to their blogs which can be very disappointing after all the effort one puts in starting a good blog. First thing you should get out of your mind is that getting rich with your newly started blog. Almost all the new bloggers have a misconception which makes them think that just putting up a blog on the internet will make them rich. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, its all about patience and writing good quality content for your readers. Below are listed the five misconceptions that new bloggers have:

    Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme:

    misconceptions new bloggers have

     The first misconception that new bloggers have is that they think their blog to act as a money dispensing machine. New bloggers think that they will start making huge money from their newly started blog which is absolutely wrong. This is also one of the reasons that new bloggers give up blogging cause they are not able to earn what they thought they would in the starting phase. The starting phase should only be considered as the building phase of the blog. New bloggers should concentrate on the content rather than making money outta it initially. Once your blog gets good readership than you can think about monetizing your blog to generate revenue from it and yes you can generate a good amount of revenue if your blog is a success with unique and quality content. 

    Do not ignore the quality of the content:

    content is key for bloggers

    The second misconception that new bloggers have or you can call it a mistake too is that they tend to ignore the content. New bloggers are also seen copying articles which they post on their blogs which is a absolute NO NO!. You should never copy a article and post it with your name, but if you are wishing to feature a article on your blog giving credits to the original author than you should contact the author and ask for permission from him to do so. It is always advisable to write original and quality content targeted towards your blog audience. Good amount of research is needed before you can write a good quality post. If you write quality content than it can earn you backlinks to your blog, cause everyone wants to refer to a well written article. 

    Write about everything to anything: 
    misconceptions about blogging
     One big mistake that new bloggers do is that they think of writing about everything that comes to them. This should be Strictly Avoided if you want to be a successful blogger in a specific field. You should decide about what you want your blog to be. For example, a technology blog, an entertainment blog, SEO blog, education blog, etc. You should decide the boundaries of the content you can post on your blog. Your readers will feel a bit awkward if they found a movie review on a tech blog. So you should always post content targeted towards your readers. 

    You should post everyday for your blog to be a success: 

    misconceptions new bloggers have

    This misconception is the fourth in the list. Posting everyday is not necessary for your blog to be successful but at the same time i will also want to say that posting everyday can do alot of good to your blog. This also depends upon the no of hours you can give to your blog. Posting everyday will make your blog look updated always but if you don't have time than you can take a off b/w your posts. But don't take a long off or  else you will loose your valuable readers. Staying connected with your readers through comments and polls can do alot of good and will keep your readers engaged to your blog. 

    Twitter, Facebook, other social media are waste:

    new bloggers misconceptions

    This is the most important misconception that new bloggers have and should be cleared. Underestimating the potential of social media is great loss for a blogger. According to me, for someone to start-up a new blog and popularize it he/she must have a strong social network. A strong social network can give your blog the required push that it needs in the early phase. Every new blogger should know how to utilize the full potential of these social networks. Sometimes readers rank blogs in their mind according to the no of likes its Facebook fan page has or no of twitter followers. When a reader likes a link from your blog than they are spreading the news about it to their friends through their Facebook wall. This increases the reach of your blog , a blog with a greater reach has more chances of being successful. 


    1. hope i would have read this earlier, i wouldn't have stopped blogging :D

    2. Really? What was your reason to leave blogging?

    3. i didn't decide on one topic specific topic and also my posts were not very frequent


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