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    App of the Day: Screen Muncher FREE- capture the screen of your BlackBerry

    Screen Muncher is the famous application for taking screenshots on BlackBerry smartphones. The application can be very useful at times and is one of the most downloaded apps form the BlackBerry app store. The app gets integrated in your BlackBerry smartphone very effectively and can be accessed from any application by going into the menu.

    screen muncher free app

    You can take screenshots of your funny BBM chats and share it with your friends. Munch the screen of a game when you achieve a high level and share it with your BBM friends, or on Facebook or Twitter. The application has a free version which can be downloaded and used.  The application has more than 28000 likes on Facebook which shows how popular is the application among BlackBerry users. The latest version of the app is now BBM connected which makes it easier to share your munchs with friends.

    A very useful application to have in your BlackBerry, so what you are waiting for, download the app now and start Munching on your BlackBerry. 

    Download ScreenMuncher FREE : Click Here.

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