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    App of the Day: UC Web mobile web browser FREE

    UC Web is one of the most used mobile web browsers in the world. The browser is highly compatible with a range of phones. UC Web is even available for simple Java Phones, low end Symbian S40 phones and is available for all high end platforms too, like Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS etc. This is what makes it a hit among the users, it works on almost all the phone available in the market today. 
    ucweb app free web browser for phones

    UC Web browser is said to be the fastest mobile browser yet with more than 200,000,000 users around the world. The browser comes from a china based firm which have been actively involved in development of mobile internet. UC Browser can run on more than 300o mobile phones out there from over 200 manufacturers. UC Browser has been an instant hit among the users cause of its low memory usage and faster  browsing experience. It also provides one of the better mobile download managers which makes it easier to manage downloads on mobile and also gives user the option to pause and resume downloads as well. 

    ucweb app free web browser
    You can install the browser by pointing your phone inbuilt browser to wap.ucweb.com. This will also enable UC Web to automactically recognize your mobile phone and provide you with the best suited version of UC Browser.

    Download UC Web through PC: Click Here.

    Source: ucweb.com

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