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    How to Free up disk space on your Windows PC.

    Everyone tends to get alot of unwanted items and temporary files being accumulated in their hard disks. This unwanted and useless files takes alot of space on your PC, these files can also make your PC to crawl on his knees. If you use Internet on your PC than you must be having alot of trash and temporary files that is stored on your hard disk. Time to time deletion of these files is necessary for the health of your computer.

    free up disk space on your pc

    In this post i will give you the steps using which you can clean up your hard disk and free up some useful space on the disk. I wont suggest any other software or application to do it, instead Windows itself has a quite useful utility that automates the process of cleaning up your hard disk drives. The Disk Cleanup utility present by default on your Windows PC can be used to free up disk space and remove all the unwanted temporary files. The steps are given below with screen shots:

    Goto the drive on which you want to free up disk space, mostly C:/ drive which has Windows will have most of the unwanted files. Right Click on the drive and select Properties.

    Than you can see the Disk Cleanup button to right side of the pie chart showing the disk usage. Click on it and it will start analyzing your disk for unwanted files.

    After it is done analyzing the disk for all the unwanted files, it will show you the window with all the categories of files and the space they are taking on the disk. It will also show the total amount of disk space that you can free. You can see it is showing 667 MB below in the screenshot. Check all the boxes and click OK.

    free up disk space on your pc

    Once you click OK than it will start cleaning the disk and deleting all the unwanted files that were taking the space on your disk.

    Once its done cleaning than you have the free disk space that it showed initially. So now you can go and cleanup your disk by using this simple process. You should repeat this process over a period of time so that there is no unwanted files using the space on your PC.

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