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    RIM to integrate Facebook and Twitter into BBM

    If the news doing the rounds on the internet is to be believed, than RIM is working on Twitter and Facebook integration into its BlackBerry Messenger, which is popularly known as BBM. The integration will be a added feature that will let users update their BBM status directly by a tweet, this is only one of the benefits of integration of these social networks into BBM.
    RIM gets twitter and facebook integration

    Some other apps like foursquare are already connected to BBM, which updates the BBM status automatically when a user checks in at some place. Twitter integration into BBM will allow users to share their tweets directly with their BBM contacts and even groups. Various other BlackBerry forums have already claimed to have find the BBM connected Twiiter and Facebook apps. 

    There has been no official announcement from RIM regarding this news nor the BBM connected Twitter and Facebook apps are available on the official BlackBerry App store. But we may expect RIM to soon release these apps. According to me, they should have done this already. Lately RIM has started working on BBM connected apps which is making BBM alot more useful. This move will definitely yield results for RIM.

    Have any queries, drop them below in comments. or ask them on twitter @wotthetech.


    1. there is proposal for this from quite a long time, glad that they are implementing it now.. 

    2. They should have implemented it alot earlier, but its never too late ;-)


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