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    Windows Phone- Things which are lacking !

    Till now you would have read articles about what are goods of Windows Phone and what are its plus over Android. The next mobile OS to rule the smartphones in coming years as said by many has some things which are lacking as of now when compared to Android. I will list some of the things in this post which are lacking as of now.

    windows phone things lacking

    No Integrated Skype Support:

    First thing that caught the eyes of many people including me was that there is no Skype support for the Windows Phone, the new platform from Microsoft. Everyone was confused and surprised knowing this because Windows Phone and Skype both are owned by Microsoft. Skype is one big application which does not support Windows Phone as of now. There has been news about Skype coming to Windows Phone very soon and it will be integrated into the Windows Phone for better experience. The news came after the CES 2012 got over. For now this is one of the things which Windows Phone is lacking compared to Android.  

    Not all the Popular apps support Windows Phone as of now:

    One more important thing which is lacking is that there are not so many apps available for Windows Phone. And some very popular applications are missing on the Windows Marketplace. Apps have become the game player in today's mobile OS competition, Android has been banking on its Android Market which has over more than 4,00,000 apps. Almost every application supports Android today but this is not the case with Windows Phone. Windows Phone is not supported yet by many popular and useful applications, like Nimbuzz, Fring etc. Windows Marketplace is one thing that they need to fill in with alot of free and popular apps to make it a hit like Android Market.

    Popular Games are not free ( including Angry Birds ):

    If you love playing games on your smartphone than this one will disappoint you cause almost all of the better games are not free on Windows Marketplace, not even Angry Birds. Windows Phone has Xbox live which enables you to carry your Xbox live avatar and gaming profile everywhere you go and play with friends and save your scores and wins. But what lacks is that there is not much free games that you can play on your Windows Phone. Popular Angry Birds game is also not free for Windows Phone users and is priced at $ 2.99 and the same game comes free for Android users. This is one more aspect that should be improved in the coming times. 

    But in times ahead i think Windows Phone will emerge as the leader in the mobile OS market, and that can only happen when they improve on some of the stats and improve their Windows Marketplace.

    If you liked the post or think some more points can be added above than don't hesitate in dropping a comment below and sharing your views. 

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