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    Anonymous planing to take down the Internet on March 31st

    Anonymous is in news again, the famous hacking group cant stay from being noticed because of  their activities. This time Anonymous is planing to take down the Internet. If all is to be believed than they have set out a plan to take down the Internet on March 31st, 2012. They have already drawn the path that they are willing to follow in order to fulfill their objective. According to a report, Anonymous have planned a hack attack on the 13 root DNS Servers of the Internet. These 13 root DNS Servers are said to the core of Internet. Although there are so many other DNS Servers all around the world but all these servers are in turn connected to these 13 are the primary DNS Servers. 
    anonymous to take down internet
    Anonymous have been in news a while before during the protest of SOPA and PIPA when they hacked the websites of several US state departments including the website of FBI. Anonymous went on a hacking spree defacing number Mexican govt. websites, after FBI took down the MEGAUPLOAD website. 

    Anonymous have made it clear that they are only taking it down temporarily and not killing the Internet. If they are successful in doing so than Internet users around the world will not be able to access websites with their domain names. The domain name servers which Anonymous is planing to attack are also been listed by them.

    Anonymous is being very confident of this that they can really pull this off and show that there is a bug in the way these DNS servers work. Previously, Anonymous had stated that they will take down the Facebook but they weren't able to do so. So it is difficult to say if they will be successful this time. 

    What are your views about this Anonymous attack, will they be successful in it or not. Post you views in the comments below!

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