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    App of the Day: Score Mobile - Best Sports App Ever

    Score Mobile is an application which keeps you updated about all the sporting activity from around the globe. You can follow Cricket matches, ATP tournaments, EPL, UEFA League, NBA and many other sporting events on your smartphone through this app. The application is very simple to use with a clean interface. You can select any of the sporting events you want to see the updates for. You can see the stats, records, standings for you favorite tournaments and teams. Score Mobile brings you the latest news from the sporting arena, you can also watch latest videos which are categorized according to the leagues.

    score mobile app for sports updates

    Live Scores, match results and related news , its all there in this application. No matter which sport you like from Ice hockey league to ICC Cricket matches, you will find it on this app. You can even set reminders for getting match updates, set reminders so that you don't miss out on any of your favorite team matches. The application provides push alert on BlackBerry smartphones, which enables the app to generate alert for your favorite team matches. The Score Mobile app is free and is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone smartphones. Score Mobile is by far the best app for tracking your favorite sports on the move. 

    Some Screenshot's of App running on Android:

    score mobile app free android

    Download Score Mobile App: Click Here

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