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    Google's new initiative to open online tablet store :Report

    Google is planing to open a online tablet store to sell tablets directly to the consumers. The news comes after a report from The Wall Street Journal. The online store will sell tablets from various brands, including Samsung and Asus. The tablets will be running Google's own Android operating system. Google hasn't made it official yet and there has been no comment about it from there side. 
    google own tablet store

    Google had a brief stint with online store previously when they sold specially designed Android smartphone named Nexus One. But this store did not last long and was discontinued given the reason that it did not live upto the expectations. 

    Google doesn't sell products directly instead they rely on various retail partners all around the world to sell Android smartphones made by different manufacturers. This idea of partnering with various retail giants have enabled Android to race ahead of its competitors. There is alot of speculations in the midst of this news which is still not confirmed by Google. 

    It is also being learnt from various sources that Google may co-brand some of the tablets that will be sold on the online store and the prices of some tablets maybe subsidized to compete with Kindle Fire. It is not certain when will Google launch the online store but we may get a official announcement soon. 

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