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    Top 5 Free Android Apps to help you keep Fit and Healthy

    We use our smartphones for various purposes from business to entertainment. But have you ever thought of your smartphone as your personal health expert which keeps track of your diet and daily workouts. If you haven't than you must check out these top 5 Free apps for your Android smartphone which will help you keep Fit and healthy always. 

    calorie counter app for android

    Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

    Calorie Counter is one of the most famous Free apps on the Android Market. MyFitnessPal has the largest food database on any Android calorie counter app (over 1,100,000 foods). The application is very much fast and entry of the details is quick which will enable you to take those extra weight off. It will keep track of your daily diet and water intake. At the end of the day it also shows what will you weigh if everyday was the same.

    The app has been featured in NY  Times and Wall Street Journal and the developers claim that its the best Calorie Counter application for Android. According to me it is the best app for counting your daily calories and  keep track of your eating habits.

    Download it Here.

    sports tracker app for android

    Endomondo Sports Tracker

    Endomondo is a the app which makes working out fun, you can track your fitness, challenge your friends in real-time. Endomondo Sports tracker can be your personal trainer and social fitness partner. The app is ideal to track your daily running, cycling and walking activities. The app is also available for all leading platforms. Some basic functions that the app can has are given below in points:

               ->  GPS tracking enables us to track time, distance, speed & calories.
               ->  You can share your workouts on Facebook with friends.
               ->  Social feeds showing the real time activities of your friends.
               ->  Workout route on map

    Download it Here.

    top 5 free health android apps

    Workout Trainer

    Ever felt a need for a personal trainer but you don't want to spend a penny on it than Workout Trainer is the answer for you. The app is among the top free apps on the Android Market. Workout trainer will help you remain fit even without the use of any exercising equipment's. The app provides timed step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions. The app will provide you the encouragement to workout whether you are lifting weights or working out at the gym.

    The best part is that every workout you follow through the app is synchronized online at the Skimble.com. This enables you to track your progress online and connect with the community of people and share your exercise routines and get some quick tips.

    Download it Here.

    Daily Yoga for Abs

    You always would have wanted those six-pack abs to flaunt it to your gals. If you have never been able to achieve that than this app is for you. Daily Yoga for Abs is a great way to get that toned tummy muscles and that too by doing Yoga. Daily Yoga for Abs is an app which provides you with a professional abs building routine based on 16 Yoga asanas. The app enables you to learn Yoga with 10 minute abs building training sessions.

    Rhythmic music, voice narration and animation to demonstrate correct postures help you follow the Yoga asanas correctly and efficiently.

    Download it Here.

    adidas miCoach

    Adidas miCoach is the a great app to have in your Android. The app is quite same to the Endomondo Sports tracker but cause this app comes from Adidas you can also track your shoe usage with wear alerts. You can track your daily workouts and show off your progress online at the website miCoach.com. You can sync your workout details to miCoach.com and track your progress and see detailed workout analysis on the web.

    The app can be used for both outdoor and indoor workouts. You can also customize the workout plan as per your need. Playing music while workout will never be a problem with this app.

    Download it Here.

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