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    How to get more likes on your Facebook Fan page

    get more likes on facebook pageFacebook is the social networking hub which can prove to be a very useful medium to promote your blog and get targeted visitors. Facebook Fan page is a must for every business these days no matter if it is online or offline. If used successfully and marketed well you can end up having thousands of likes on your Facebook page. The Facebook Page keeps your readers updated about the happenings on your blog even if they do not visit it quite often. When a user likes any of your posts on Facebook than that makes it visible to their friends which indirectly increases your blogs visibility and reach.

    If you have been unsuccessful in getting more likes on your Facebook fan page than some of the tips given in this post by me are sure to help you get some more likes on your Facebook page.

    Strong Friends Network: 

    This is one of the most crucial and probably most helpful in increasing the number of likes on your Facebook fan page. If you have a strong network of loyal friends on Facebook than you don’t have to do much for getting likes on your page. You can start sharing your page with your network of friends and tell them about your page and how it will help you. All of your friends may not like the page at once but you can share it often on your wall and tell them about your brand or blog. Don’t forget that each like counts because when your friends like your page than in-turn they are sharing it with their friends. This results in the increase in visibility and reach of your blog or brand. The best thing about the likes you get this way is that all the likes are targeted and real.

    Include Facebook fan page URL in your Email signature:

    This at first may not look as one of the ways to get Facebook likes but believe me it works. Design an attractive yet professional looking signature for all your email accounts and include your fan page URL in it. Email signatures are one of the things that people always notice irrespective of your email content. Now whenever you send an email, what you are doing is your making your fan page more popular giving it a wider reach. Chances of getting more likes are higher when you have wider reach. The receiver of the email is more likely to check the links in your email signature if he finds it to be professional and simple.

    Get a custom landing tab for your fan page:

    It is one of the proven techniques which make it easier to get likes on your fan page. Attractive landing tabs are more capable of getting a visitor to like your page rather than your page wall. The landing page should be informative and somewhat make the visitor greedy, for example you can use fan-gating to prevent users from accessing premium fan-only content. This trick is sure to work and will surely convert the visits on your page into likes.

    Organize Fan only Contests and Giveaways:

    This process will always yield results. You should run contests on your blog or Facebook page in which only fans can participate. This will generate a sense of curiosity in the visitors and most of them will surely like your page to participate in the contest or the giveaway. Post about your contest on your wall and other social groups which will drag more people to your contest. If your contest or giveaway becomes popular than you can witness a flood of likes on your page. 

    Using Paid Services like Fiverr:

    Another great way to increase Facebook likes is that you can pay for the likes. Various online websites provide services like this. One such website is Fiverr where people as sellers present their gig to you which can be ordered for as low as $5. There are various Fiverr gigs available that can help you boost the number of likes on your fan page overnight. But personally I don’t suggest this at all. The main drawback of this is that the likes you get this way are not authentic or in other words are not genuine. These non-genuine likes are of no use to your blog because they are not real humans but bots who have been generated through some type of software. The likes are not targeted and serve no real purpose for your blog.

    If your liked the post than please take a moment and share it with your friends through sharing bar on the left. Share your opinions about the likes on Facebook. 

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