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    App of the Day: Evernote for BlackBerry - your personal assistant

    You would have probably heard of this app before. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the Internet , one reason for that is its available for all the popular platforms. Evernote for BlackBerry makes it easier to remember things from your daily life either small or big. 

    Evernote for BlackBerry is an award winning app which lets you remember and recall the things that happen in your daily life. You can use the app to store notes to ideas, you can also put any snapshot you take or even recordings into it. Evernote for BlackBerry can take it all and will instantly synchronize everything with your Windows PC or Mac or any tablet that you use. 

    You can use Evernote on your BlackBerry for searching any notes that you may have created using your desktop or on web. You will find everything at one place with Evernote whether it is a month old or a year old note that you are looking for. The app even lets you search for handwritten notes in your snapshots. The app is very useful for business cards and storing labels.

    evernote for blackberry

    Some of the things for which you can use Evernote for BlackBerry are:

    1. To take snaps of whiteboards and business cards
    2. To coordinate with your colleagues or classmate during a project
    3. To record voice memos
    4. To manage and synchronize your desktop notes, web clips, and files
    5. To remember important things and stay organized
    Some more screenshots of Evernote for BlackBerry:

    Evernote for BlackBerry is free and can be used more effectively with their free downloadable Windows or Mac versions.

    Download Evernote for BlackBerry

    Images Source:   App World

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