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    Compudon- get rewarded for your Microsoft Office skills

    COMPUDON is a competitive platform which provides a way for students to showcase their expert skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office. Students from all over India were invited to participate and to compete for the title of "Indian Champion". COMPUDON gives students an upper hand in this highly competitive age of academics. Participant who wins the title of Indian Champion than gets a chance to represent India at the bigger stage of World Wide Competition(WWC) which will be held at Las Vegas, USA.  

    compudon season 2 ms office competition

    COMPUDON 2011 was the official championship of Microsoft Office applications and was launched in India last year. It gave Indian students an opportunity to show their skills in Microsoft Office and compete at the global level at the worldwide competition that was held in August 2-4, 2011 in San Diego, USA. Three students won the competition last year from Delhi and won a trip to USA to represent India at the worldwide competition. This year COMPUDON- Season II is being organised for India's great minds to showcase their skills in MS Office and get a chance to participate at the global event in August 2012.

    COMPUDON is a great platform for Indian students who have a big interest in MS Office and want to show off their unique skills and get recognition for their talent. The 2nd round exam of the competition has been completed and now its time for the final round which will be held on 7th June 2012. The winners will be declared and the award ceremony will take place a day after the final round i.e., 8th June 2012. Students who will win the final round will than depart for USA on 31st July to represent India at the Worldwide competition.

    COMPUDON - Season II is being organised by CyberLearning India in association with Certiport. Certiport is the official organizer of the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. The 2012 contest also marks the inclusion of 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) PowerPoint exam for the first time in the history of competition. It is expected that more than 300,000 students from over 50 countries will be participating this year to compete for the title of "World Champion". Microsoft Office is one of the most used software's all over the world with approx. 750 million users and the students who take part in the competition get a platform to show their skills and make optimum use of MS Office which will eventually help them in their school work and workplace.

    Recognition & Awards:

    Country Winners: 
    • An all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, USA for participating in the Worldwide Competition in August 2012 by CyberLearning. 
    • Cash (or equivalent prizes)  of Rs. 50,000 in each exam track by Certiport.

    Runners Up:
    • Cash (or equivalent prizes)  of Rs. 25,000 for 1st runner-up in each exam track by Certiport.
    • Cash (or equivalent prizes)  of Rs. 15,000 for 2nd runner-up in each exam track by Certiport.

    Testing Locations:
    • Prizes for maximum participation and success in the competition by Certiport.
    • LEVEL 1 Toppers from each institute to get COMPUDON award medals by CyberLearning.

    Other Awards:
    • For teachers who contribute substantially to the Competition by Certiport.
    • Appreciation certificates for all coordinating teachers by CyberLearning.
    • Participation certificates to all students by CyberLearning.

    More Information about COMPUDON is available at the official website and Facebook page

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