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    The part of my life called - The Internet

    Internet is one of those things in my life without which it would be a lost desert. Using internet on my smartphone has made life alot easier. My very first experience of using internet on mobile phone was on  Hutch network which is now Vodafone, i had to pay a big amount of Rs. 500 from my pocket money to get it activated on my Nokia 7250i. The feeling of experiencing the internet in the palm of my hand for the first time was exhilarating and since than there has been no looking back. 

    Internet on mobile phones have made a huge progress in past few years. The whole scenario of mobile internet has changed with more number of users accessing internet on their smartphones. Internet has just become so much fun now and with Vodafone the experience is just super awesome. Their low cost internet plans have made internet available for everyone in the country and now Vodafone 3G has made us change gears. 3G network enables us to do so much more with our smartphones, enabling free VoIP calls, uploading pictures on the cloud, sharing pics and videos on various social media networks has never been so fast. 

    I use internet on my smartphone for so many various purposes. Being connected to my social networks all day long has become a treat since 3G has come. Using the internet on my phone i upload pics on Facebook as soon as i capture a good shot, commenting on pics and sharing videos has become fast. I stay connected with my followers on twitter throughout the day using the official twitter application on my smartphone. Watching videos on YouTube has become better with no irritating buffering interrupts when in good coverage area. 

    Internet on my mobile phone has also bailed me out of troublesome situations on numerous occasions. One situation it always helps me in is when i am lost and don't know the directions to follow, that's when the Internet  plus the Google Maps on my phone works like a charm. The internet on mobile phone helps me in knowing the answers to many tricky questions quickly when i have a viva exam to give and nobody knows the answers in the class. 

    Mostly i use internet on my mobile phone for fun purpose like watching videos, chatting with friends, sharing pictures, calling my overseas friends without spending a penny and the list can go on and on. One benefit of using internet on my smartphone is that i can just backup everything on the cloud while i am on the move. The thing that i just love about Vodafone 3G is that i never miss the live action of my favorite cricket matches. These days IPL is on and when i am not home 3G on my smartphone makes sure that i don't miss the live action. The fun on my smartphone has increased just cause of internet as i can play online games with my buddies. Downloading new apps daily and checking them out has become a routine and synchronizing the music player on my mobile phone with my online playlist just takes a couple of minutes now. 

    As a blogger, the internet on my smartphone helps me always stay connected with my blog. I can see who commented on my posts and reply to them and post new content on the go. The internet on my BlackBerry keeps me updated with my email accounts, i can reply to emails even when i am not hooked onto my laptop and i always feel attached to the blog no matter where i am. I just cant stay without internet on my phone now, it has become an integral part of my life. 

    There's alot more to say but i think this post would give a slight insight on How Internet is Fun for me :)

    This post is the entry for IndiBlogger contest- Internet is Fun on Vodafone

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    1. You are right about the many wonders and joy of having access to the internet. I don't have trouble in a town or city, but once I get to the rezervation I'm lost in the desert.....boo!

      All in all the internet has me hooked on these social sites. Sometimes its good, but on some occassions I should be working, not bumming it on FB or twitter. I can't resist. Temptation is a bxxxx..... :-)


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