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    Samsung Galaxy SIII to be launched in India on May 31

    Samsung have put their latest smartphone up for pre-booking on their eStore. Anyone can pre-book a Samsung Galaxy SIII by paying an amount of Rs. 2000. This amount will be adjusted at the time of the final payment after the launch of the smartphone. There is still no information about what will be the final price of Samsung Galaxy SIII in India but the launch date of smartphone has been confirmed. Samsung Galaxy SIII will be launched on May 31st, 2012 as mentioned in the coupon sent by Samsung to one of the customers who pre-ordered the smartphone. 
    samsung galaxy sIII launched

    Samsung is also giving away a stylish Bluetooth headset free worth Rs. 2299 with every booking of Galaxy SIII but to avail this offer you need to pay the balance amount within three days of the launch. You will be issued an electronic coupon after you make the advance payment for booking. This coupon will be needed when making the final payment for Galaxy SIII, so that the booking amount is adjusted in the final price. The pre-booking coupon will be valid for only 15 days from the date of the Galaxy SIII launch . 

    The thing that comes as a surprise to everyone who pre-ordered the smartphone is that, only the Marble white version of Galaxy SIII will be launched on the 31st of May. So, a person who has booked a pebble blue version of Samsung Galaxy SIII will have no option other than getting their hands on the marble white version but if you are not willing to take the marble white version than you will have to wait till second week of June for the pebble blue version of Galaxy SIII.  

    Even after the launch date being confirmed, Samsung has not stated the final price of Galaxy SIII. According to us the price of Galaxy SIII will be somewhere around Rs. 38000. Any concrete information about the price of Galaxy SIII will updated as soon as its available.  

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    1. Samsung has consist well specification and service with attractive camera and media tool,internet service.Now India become hottest market for mobile,so I expect it will surely able to make a well market in India.


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