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    SBI Mobile Banking application Download and Activation

    SBI mobile banking is one of the most used mobile banking services in India. I have been asked by several people about how to operate and activate SBI mobile banking on thier phones, so i am writing this post on how to download SBI mobile banking and activate it on your phone. Many people even have doubts if the SBI mobile banking service is safe or not. I would like to tell you that SBI mobile banking application makes banking so much simpler and easier and its very much safe. You can transfer funds, pay bills, check your account balance, recharge anytime of the day, request for a check book and many more services are there on SBI mobile banking. The application is named as State Bank Freedom. 
    sbi mobile banking application download
    SBI mobile banking application is available for almost all the phones in the market. You can use the generic version of the app on your java phone. One feature i like the most and use alot personally is the Mobile Topup option in SBI mobile banking application. The best thing about SBI mobile banking is that you don't have to visit the bank or fill up any forms to get it activated. You can download the mobile banking application by clicking on the link below and after following some simple steps you will be ready to use the service .

    SBI Mobile Banking Application Download

    After successfully downloading the app on your phone, you will need to activate your SBI mobile banking application and for that you need two things which are USER ID and MPIN. To get your USER ID and default MPIN you will need to send an SMS as follows: 

                                      "Send MBSREG to 9223440000 OR 567676". 

    Upon receiving your default MPIN, change the MPIN and than register your SBI mobile banking application at any of the SBI ATM's to start using the mobile banking services. 

    SBI mobile banking application can be used over GPRS and even through SMS. The option lies in the settings where you can choose to change channel i.e., whether to use GPRS or SMS for connectivity. It will take little time to activate the GPRS channel and you will receive a confirmation SMS once it is activated. Now you don't have to visit your bank and stand in long queues for transferring funds, or for issue of a new check book because the bank is in your palm now with SBI mobile banking. 

    If you have any queries regarding SBI mobile banking activation than feel free to ask in the comments section below. 


    1. How to use mobile banking services from my mobile...? I am not having any high-end mobile, can I still use mobile banking services??

    2. I will be able to answer that more accurately if you tell me which mobile phone you own?

      The SBI mobile banking app runs on most low end Java phones.

    3. yaa u can use the services using SMSs

    4. I have changed channel to GPRS in SBI Freedom. But it isn't activated yet..


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