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    Antec announces their Red Beast BP300P power supply in India

    Antec Inc. the global leader in high performance computer components have announced the "Red Beast" BP300P power supply in India. The power supply unit (PSU) guarantees 300 watts of continous power that delivers upto 80% maximum efficiency which would help users save on their electricity bills. This product comes with a 2-year Quality Warranty. It is expected to retail at an approximate MRP of INR 2350; however the actual cost may vary slightly on the lower side.

    antec bp300p psu

    This mainstream solution promises quality performance which ensures value along with ease-of-use. Thermal Manager, Antec’s advanced low voltage fan controller for optimal heat & noise management, runs the 120mm high-quality fan whisper-quiet. The BP300P uses heavy-duty capacitors to ensure the tightest DC stability and regulation.

    Apart from regular home use, it is also designed to position, itself in the mainstream server environments, ideally suitable for general graphic designing work, architects etc., where it can power up most 4 pin CPUs and 6 Pin PCIE Graphic Cards. Its reliable and stable performance makes it an optimal solution for call centers.

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